About Sharon

With a background in self-criticism, procrastination, and a masters degree in emotional eating with bouts of obesity, it took a significant health challenge in 2011 to prompt me to change my ways! In April, 2011, while in hospital undergoing a mastectomy I began grieving for my mother who had suicided 10 years earlier in 2001. I also dealt with absent father abandonment issues, poor self-esteem and more! This physical and emotional crisis led me to 'go within' to find out what was going on at a deeper level and to examine the mind/body health connection. I looked at all aspects of myself, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, and found three modalities which helped my recovery and long-term happiness:-


1) Reading You Can Heal Your Life - by Louise L. Hay to understand I wasn't a helpless victim, but by my thinking and the use of affirmations used with strong feeling, I could change my emotional state, health and circumstances for the better. In fact change my very brain function!

2) Laughter Wellness - by watching comedies and practising Laughter Yoga which focuses on unconditional laughter to improve the immune system, reduce stress levels and feelings of fear.

3) Energy Healings - by using Reiki energy healing as a positive and effective way to calm the mind, balance my health and as a method of pain relief. Apart from these three modalities deep breathing exercises, Tapping, meditation/relaxation, visualisation, improved nutrition, music, walking, watching The Secret and You Can Heal Your Life® DVDs, and appreciating the good things and people in my life greatly helped.


I am facinated by the science of the mind and the study of neuroplasticity of the brain and the new science of epigenetics. It appears we have more control over our cellular structure and neural pathways than originally thought. Affirmation statements are a useful tool and can enhance our health and emotional well-being. By actively changing the way we think, feel and behave, we create new neural pathways in the brain and improve the health of our cells. Certain thought patterns cause an emotional stress response in our body and the brain will release stress hormones, primarily cortisol. If you are constantly feeling fear, anger, resentment or bitterness, this triggers a number of chemicals that can lead to anxiety, illness and disease by shutting down your immune system. Anger has been shown to tighten blood vessels and muscles, whereas feeling love, hope and joy has the opposite effect. It's well worth paying attention to your thoughts then. What Louise Hay was teaching 40 years ago is now being proven by doctors and scientists worldwide. Hooray!