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Heal Your Life®



SharonGambrill.com is the joining of Comedy Shazza with Spiritual Sharon. My signature workshop is a combined Laughter, Wellbeing, Stress Relief, Team Building Workshop. An uplifting, empowering and relaxing mental health boost either in-person at your office, community centre, hospital support group, staff wellness day, or outdoor event. Suitable for online platforms such as Zoom, MS Teams, Webex or live steam via VMix!!


I am excited about dynamic health, laughter, emotional healing, and self-acceptance!


The best investment you can make in your life is taking care of your physical and mental health, and learning to love and approve of yourself. Start by liking yourself and go from there!


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My RNB Sydney Laughter and Enlightenment 

Radio Show interviews are all featured on my You Tube channel!

My book proposal for the Hay House Australia Writer's Workshop was second runner up and awarded a publishing package with Balboa Press. Stay tuned for my full length book coming soon!


Sharon is a featured author in The Empowerment Manual, November2015

Manifesting Modern Miracles, April 2016 Spiritual Leaders Top Picks, March 2017, Visionary Insight Press, listed on Amazon and Barnes & Noble!

My Philosophy


I am a certified Heal Your Life® Workshop Teacher and Life Coach (based on the techniques, philosophy & training of Louise L. Hay) specialising in Mind/Body health, self-esteem issues, and women's health. A certified Laughter Yoga Teacher (Dr Madan Kataria founder of Laughter Yoga) Reiki level 2 (Usui Shiki Ryoho) and a Level 2 EFT Universe Trained Practitioner (founder Dawson Church)


With a background in standup comedy, acting, and as an MC, I bring to each workshop a high level of professionalism, positive energy, support, and fun!


Each workshop and personal coaching session is filled with laughter, warmth, and loving support.



'What an amazing and vibrant soul Sharon is. Her authentic and courageous Heal Your Life workshop just lifted my heart. I felt so loved, accepted and happy in her workshop. Keep up the wonderful work you do Sharon, so uplifting and beautiful you are!'


Love and Blessings,

Natalie, Thornbury, Victoria.


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